My History

Roxxanne Shelaby performs throughout Southern California bringing her unique dance style combining her Lebanese/Brazilian heritage and affinity for Egyptian Style Oriental Dance.

Roxxanne is fortunate to have grown up surrounded by Middle Eastern Arts. Her love of Middle Eastern music and dance flourished as a child, growing up at the family owned “Fez” and “Cascades” nightclubs. In this atmosphere, Roxxanne observed Oriental Dance, traditional folk dance and social dance with live music on a nightly basis.  She had the pleasure of watching and learning from dancers such as Feiruz Aram, Marie Silva, Sahra C. Kent, Mohamed and Fatin Mohamed (Komeya Troupe of Egypt) and many others.

She began performing Middle Eastern Dance at the age of 5 and professionally at the age of 16 at the request of Farida Fahmy to represent The Reda Troupe (lead dancer of the National Dance Troupes of Egypt). Roxxanne has studied extensively with master teacher and choreographer Sahra C. Kent as well Farida Fahmy, Mahmoud Reda, Vivianne Hamamdjian, Aida Nour and Fifi Abdo and Ahmed Hussein.

Roxxanne performed with and was Assistant Director of Sahra C. Kent's “Ya Amar! Middle Eastern Dance Company” for 11 years. She appeared with the group in many Southern California performances including:

“The Nations of San Diego International Dance Festival”
“The First International Conference on Middle Eastern Dance”
“The Second International Conference on Middle Eastern Dance"
“Sahra and Ya Amar! present Al Dunia” Live in Concert"
“Sahra and Ya Amar! present RA - the Eclipse of the Sun”
“Sahra and Ya Amar! present Journey Through Egypt”

She also accompanied Ya Amar! to Tokyo, Japan in 1999 performing a featured solo in two sold out theater performances.Roxxanne produces “Hypzotica” a monthly Middle Eastern Dance showcase with live Arabic music  providing dancers of all levels the opportunity to experience and perform in an authentic cultural environment.

Roxxanne also teaches ongoing classes and workshops locally and internationally  sharing her knowledge of the culture and love for Egyptian Style Oriental and Folklore, Khaleeji and Dabke.

Roxxanne is the producer/director of the renowned "The Fez Documentary" which traces the birthplace of Belly Dance on the west coast.  The Fez Documentary serves as one of the few historical documentaries of our dance form.  Not only does Roxxanne honor her father Lou Shelaby's legacy but the legacies of the first Arabic musicians and belly dancers in Los Angeles who have gone on the teach and inspire generations world-wide!

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